Goonies never say die, but they're now taking a back seat at the Oregon Film Museum. In its first iteration Interplay creates an homage to the iconic coming-of-age film, located in the jail that launches the movie. Now green-screened sets allow patrons to film scenes from classic Oregon cinema or add to the genera by crafting their own movie. An editing suite allows them to complete the masterpiece for upload to Facebook.

Filming Experience
One Minute Magnet has Nordstrom sales executives travelling virtually to Qwest field for a Sounders game, Milan for a design consultation, and to the planet Zylon for a product launch. All of these journeys "magnetize" the 200 person audience into pop-up social networks where participants share favorite brands and knit themselves into a tighter department during a now-reenergized quarterly meeting

How do you drive foot traffic to a hard-to-find venue, collect visitor information, and generate excitement along the way? Interplay solves this problem by creating the Heritage Trail, a fusion of way-finding signage, interactive activities, and a promotional prize system that leads visitors through the maze of the Pike Place Market to the new Market Heritage Center. Patrons complete simple activities on a Trail Card and enter their contact information to win a prize when they reach the new venue.

Special Inspector Tour
Let's just say that we define executive teambuilding when Bill, Steve, Jeff, and the top 150 Microsoft executives bring their brilliant minds and strategies to a game of AlgeBrawl, one of five unique rounds that comprise the Dangerous and Daring Game for Execs. Interplay delivers the right test of mind muscle and body bravery as teams compete in an Olympic-style series of games that prompted one client to say "This was great: everyone was involved, everyone was challenged, and everyone contributed".

Executive Teambuilding
The rapid pace of growth at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation highlights the need for an improved orientation system. Interplay throws away the dry power-point driven orientation in a conference room and replaces it with immersive learning activities, dispersed in time and space. Retention goes up, interest remains piqued, and employees hit the ground running.

Orientation Design
Thirty-five hundred Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins franchisees, four immersive Interplay workshops and a weekend in New Orleans leaves an upper-management team so impressed we are hired to rewrite their entire training system for store managers. "Can you Interplay it?" they ask.
Yes we can. Yes we did.

Franchisee Workshops
In this holistic experience design, Interplay first works with Windermere's executive management team to craft and shape the annual strategic message for the company. We then translate the platform into an interactive company-wide meeting. In true soup-to-nuts fashion, we write, coach, and direct the speeches, execute all facets of learning for the brokers, and deliver fun in the process. At the latest meeting we produced a champagne toast for 1500 out of thin air.

Strategic Events
Interplay provides creative concepts for "Agent G," an alternate reality online/offline game for inviting existing and potential customers to experience the benefits of DSL. In an unfolding drama, customers watch video of live action scenarios filmed across the US while chatting in forums to ultimately find real world clues and get to the right phone booth to receive calls in this customer generating game.

Alternate Reality Game
Interplay designs and executes an alternate reality game experience that guides an individual through a personalized "comic book" adventure from Washington State to California, finally delivering the client to a 200 person surprise party. Coordinating dozens of actors, props, and special activities,the client is inspired to signal a sailboat from the Space Needle, SCUBA dive for underwater clues, fly to Los Angeles in pursuit of the mystery and eventually "break into" his party with a sledge hammer.

Multi-State Game
Interplay creates a dynamic multimedia campaign for Starbucks Supply Chain Operations, to communicate a complex message to 1000 local and international employees. We deliver "SCO TV", a working TV studio including four talk shows and experiential excercises that help employees absorb change and respond in real time. The event is taped by the studio crew for a worldwide launch.

Strategic Communications
T-Mobile needs to deliver technical and sales content to reinforce a new service launch in the Detroit area. In less than a month, Interplay designs and executes "Get in the Game" learning experience that feels like a fun event activity. Armed with a PlayPass gamecard that doubles as a namebadge and entry ticket, 70% of attendees playfully test their product knowledge and decode the PlayPass secret message at Ford Field in Detroit.

Learning Event
How do you drive participation and engagement of 1000 Safeco managers in a conference driven by the theme "Let's climb this mountain together"? Interplay answers the question with the To The Top Challenge, providing each attendee the opportunity to earn points for their team by completing on-message activities such as Return to Sherpa, Connect the Knots, and Summit Scramble.

Brand Launch
Become the Bean! That's how Interplay helps Starbucks explain the intricacies of Supply Chain Operations, the largest business unit at Starbucks. Interplay creates a story that casts employees in a "Beans-Eye" point of view, following the Supply Chain bean path from the coffee plantation to Starbucks customers using multi-media displays, employee guides, and theatrical sets. This high-flow, immersive experience delivers complex business knowledge to hundreds of employees in just 45 minutes.

Training Activity
Microvision, a laser projection and display company, wants to make every moment count during company meetings and retreats. Interplay creates several new comic book heroes and interactive activities, puzzles, and even a set of fun "salutes" that keep employees engaged with brand values while testing their knowledge of the core science behind company products.

Employee Engagement
After launching major renovations the Space Needle wants to integrate their "Live the View" brand into a series of visitor experiences on the "O-Deck" of this iconic structure. Interplay designs and executes interactive Game Experience Stops that reflect the new brand look while inspiring thousands of visitors to playfully learn about Seattle businesses, Mount Rainier, and other aspects of the incredible view from the Needle.

Learning Games
After Starbucks buys Seattle's Best Coffee and other coffee brands, Starbucks institutional salespeople use Opportunity Knocks, a sales training simulation game, to digest and learn dense brand sales guidelines. Using video, audio, live action, and a specially developed software engine, Interplay provides 300 salespeople with an interactive experience allowing brand managers to run through simulated sales situations and provide direct feedback.

Sales Training Game
Interplay turns information into audience action, transforming complex topics, intangible brand values, and new behaviors into engaging learning experiences. Since 2003 Interplay has tackled tough learning challenges that need more than a marketing campaign; we inspire, challenge, and entice your audience to move in your direction with less effort and more alignment.

At our core we make people smarter using a customized mix of activity, well-crafted content, games, and other Interplay Experience Elements to help audiences understand sales guidelines, technical specifications, and...each other. If you're sweating the goal, trying to move the needle , or need fresh, timely ideas and implementation for your next challenge, contact us. 206.396.0402